All (good) marketing managers yearn for activities that yield deep interest in their organization. And management teams crave marketing activities that enhance their reputation and the prestige of their company. Well-designed marketing events provide the best approach to reach and influence prospective clients. Strong marketing teams build events as the central hub around which the rest of their marketing is positioned.

Just a few event statistics…

  • 77% of B2B marketers use in-person events in their content marketing strategies.
  • 67% of B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy.
  • 59% of B2B companies never charge for their events.
  • Most B2B companies spend 5-8 weeks planning a single event.

In recent years, we have seen as major industry events have taken a back seat to more specialized and ecosystem-driven events. At the national level, Embedded Systems Conference has given way to events like Intel Developers’ Forum and Flash Memory Summit.  This change can make it difficult for marketers in our space to know exactly where they should be focusing their event marketing effort.

For organizations that haven’t found a good home for their event marketing initiatives, RTC Media suggests developing customized events with partners that share technology interests.

What should my event marketing goals be?

  1. Deliver a STRONG product and/or organizational story.
  2. Focus on strength of engagement over size of audience.
  3. Build strong personal relationships with attendees.

In an age where marketing results are so strictly measured by data analytics it is easy to lose sight of what makes event marketing so powerful. The drive for data has increased the use of webinars or online conference sessions as substitutes for live events. RTC sees these digital alternatives as “pseudo-events” that provide few of the real benefits and nearly the same cost/effort as their live counterparts.

1-2 Hour Educational Seminar

Half to Full Day Regional Events

Large Ecosystem National Exhibition

Engage 25-50 technical professionals in introductory education and training.


These small educational seminars provide a fantastic opportunity to position your company as a highly specialized technical thought-leader, and work well alongside larger industry events.


A single event can be produced, concept to completion in six to eight weeks.

Take a deeper dive with your partners to provide “solution strategies” in a classroom environment.


The key to these events is polish and planning. Attendees expect and respond to professional registration services, well-orchestrated promotion, strong leave-behind marketing materials and weighty content. Marketers should be prepared to put in the upfront effort to ensure a well-orchestrated attendee experience.


Events are generally grouped in a “tour” format to offset the effort of content creation – thus marketers should expect two to four months of planning.


Strong ecosystems create a strong technology story. Larger organizations with strong partnerships and a rich ecosystem of solution providers can work together to create a frenzy of interest.


These larger events lend themselves to multi-day, multi-track conferences that draw out both prospective clients and industry press – further extending their reach. The high visibility of these events allows marketers to draw from larger geographies and wider demographics.


Organizations looking toward building their own industry event often spend six to twelve months in production.


RTC Media provides comprehensive event planning and promotional services for solution providers looking to connect with highly technical engineering audiences.

We have over 30 years of experience producing scalable event strategies at every stage.  Whether you are a large technology company with a complex ecosystem or a start-up just getting started with event marketing – RTC Media has an event solution for you.

“Wedding planners aren’t responsible for filling the pews.”

There are many other organizations out there that can help you with the logistics of your organization’s next event – and RTC has 30 years of producing great, cost-effective events. But few can provide the ability create attendance.

RTC activates our community of 100,000 engineers to drive attendance to your event.  We utilize a rich multi-channel promotional approach that includes a straight forward and pragmatic approach to reaching your prospective clients.

  • Direct email
  • Direct mail
  • eNewsletter sponsorship
  • Advertising in RTC and COTS Journal
  • Telemarketing
  • Partnerships with other events
  • Consortium support

If you haven’t found the right event marketing strategy for your organization, let RTC Media provide a creative solution that generates the interest and the relationships your company longs for.