Reacting to industry demands The RTC Group launches the HPC Conference to be held in conjunction with the Real-Time and Embedded Computing Conference.

The High Performance Computing Conference (or HPC Conference) was conceived through a number of round table discussions with performance leading companies looking to capitalize on the market shifts currently occurring in the embedded space.  The 2013 success of combining the RTECC events with Sensors Expo was the obvious progression to consider the whole picture and how “new-world” applications were to be addressed with high performance computing.

“The truth is we used to know what we were and what we are not. Today high performance connectivity and consumer level devices are being used to control everything from factory floors to patient vitals. We decided to embrace technology and applications that take us into these new spaces”.  states John Reardon, CEO of The RTC Group.  Mr. Reardon goes on to say. “Historically the RTECC events derived much of their technology focus from the “desktop” markets, but today’s applications draw technologies from throughout the technology world.  From wireless technologies to the use of high performance GPUs, we are witnessing a blurring of traditional definitions into solutions that transcend historical models”.

The HPC Conference will be introduced in 16 locations throughout North America this year in the hopes of attracting technical professionals that are pushing performance specs through the use of high-speed multicore processors, high performance flash memory and interconnect technologies.   This merge of markets defined by terms such as “Big Data”, “Internet of things” and “Cloud Attached” will set these two events on a course to represent the most dynamic segments of the market.

The Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference has now completed its 27th year.  In 2014 the High Performance Computing Conference will expand upon this formula with a strong educational component, expanded exhibition options and hands-on tutorials (in select cities).  Every exhibitor will continue to find the cost and return exceptional when comparing the events to other lead generating activities.

For More Information Contact: Aaron Foellmi

VP Sales & Marketing – The RTC Group