2014 Santa Clara RTECC Event Marks Major Milestone


PRESS RELEASE – 2014 Santa Clara RTECC

Launches 28th Year Of Success as Sustaining Industry Sales Event

San Clemente, California – The 2014 RTECC in Santa Clara marks the beginning of the 28th year of the longest running and most well attended series of events in high-performance and embedded system industry’s history. The impressive history behind these events continues to out-pace the competition on every key metric of success. Whether you are measuring the thousands of leads per year or targeting your marketing dollars to specific geo’s, the Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference is a lead generating machine without equal.

Pro-Tip: Santa Clara RTECC leads average $1.60, a value unmatched by any other activity in the embedded intelligent systems market.

John Reardon, the founder of RTC believes the success is due to the continual focus on the sales needs of the participating vendors.

    “Trade events do three things they Market, Educate and Sell – our competition seem more comfortable with Education – when most salespeople are under pressure to increase their sales in a difficult economy. We are seeing a renaissance with organizations’ focusing on feeding the sales channel with strengthened brands and qualified lead sources.”

Santa Clara had many new and old friends from Acromag, who participated in the very first event in 1986 to Grey Matter, attending for the first time as part of RTC Group’s new High-Performance Computing Conference initiative.

Our claim that face-to-face sales is the cornerstone of closing business in our industry, was echoed by many vendors who were able to tout their products to the over 500 people in attendance. Vendor after vendor expressed their pleasure in getting out in front of the engineering community with the value of the real-world exchanges far exceeding the metrics provided by their electronic marketing campaigns.

About RTECC – The Real-time and Embedded Computing Conference is part of The RTC Group family of products that include RTC magazine and Intelligent Systems Source web portal. The event is designed in support of regional sales activities, by placing local sales in front of the local audience. The 2014 calendar supports 15 locations throughout North America.

For additional information on how to participate, policies and orders, contact your sales representative:

Mark Dunaway

Midwest & International Sales


(949) 226-2023

Michael Duran

Western Region Sales


(949) 226-2024

Jasmine Formanek

Eastern Region Sales


(949) 226-2004


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