RTECC Announces Oracle Keynote in Four Cities


The Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference is pleased to announce Oracle as its Luncheon Keynote speaker for upcoming events in Dallas, Austin, Melbourne and Huntsville. Oracle has teamed up with RTECC to provide insights on how the Internet of Things is being changed from the device up through Java Embedded. As software solutions become increasingly important for empowering connected intelligent systems, RTECC will examine how industry leaders are addressing these challenges. Oracle will share its vision for where embedded computing is going and how the Internet of Things is changing how we design end-to-end.

Oracle Keynote: Navigating the Internet of Things with Java on Devices

The advent of the Internet of Things creates a wide range of data-driven opportunities from enhanced efficiencies to better customer value and improved quality of life. However, realizing the full potential of the Internet of Things requires us to change how we view and build devices. Devices provide the core foundation of smart services by initiating the transformation of data to information to value. From our homes to industry to the public sector, the focus is on how devices can become smarter, interoperate with other devices, systems, and services, and drive timely decisions while delivering real business return for all players.

Oracle is responding to these opportunities and challenges with the most complete end-to-end platform in the market. Elements of Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform begin with Java Embedded running on a wide array of sensors and devices to innovative smart gateways that bring business intelligence out to the edge to our world-class infrastructure products.

Join Dave Hofert as he examines how devices enable the service-driven Internet of Things, the business and technical challenges for the ecosystem, and how Oracle is working with customers and partners to address these challenges and thus unlock the business value of the device.

For more information on RTECC speaking opportunities contact: Aaron Foellmi