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Reacting to industry demands The RTC Group renews subscription policy to meet demands of print subscribers


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. March 11, 2014 – The RTC Group, Inc., publisher of RTC magazine, COTS Journal and MEDS magazine, has seen a recent increase in subscribers requesting printed copies. This welcome demand for these publications will enable RTC magazine and COTS Journal to nearly double the amount of readers who get the publications throughout the year by rotating subscribers on a monthly basis. (MEDS magazine, a new publication, is still building a qualified/opt-in database.)


“We are very excited that we can now offer our advertisers the opportunity to reach more readers throughout the year than ever before,” stated John Reardon, CEO and Founder of the RTC Group, Inc.  “Although our print runs and our monthly distribution will remain unchanged—the addition of these new subscribers each month will surely bring added value to our advertisers.”


The RTC Group estimates that we will be able to send an additional fifteen to twenty thousand engineering prospects printed magazines of both RTC and COTS Journal in 2014. This surge in subscription requests, although not solely indicative of a publication’s health, definitely points toward a growing strength in the market. Due to the demand from subscribers and our advertisers’ interest in reaching as many prospects as possible, this new formula will aid RTC magazine and COTS Journal in sustaining their lead on the competition.



For More Information Contact: Aaron Foellmi

VP Sales & Marketing – The RTC Group


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