2016 DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster


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UAVs by their very nature depend heavily on the electronics and computing that make them fly and perform their missions. That’s why developers of UAV subsystems share an interest in UAV procurement information side by side with your company’s technology ads. In the next fiscal year funding and support for UAV development and technology upgrades remains strong and is moving forward. Taking advantage of this trend, COTS Journal is providing a valuable opportunity to strengthen your company’s link with the UAV market. COTS Journal will publish and distribute a special DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster. The poster gives your company the unique ability to associate its products and services with the growing UAV electronics sector.

The DoD UAV Budget and Procurement Poster is rich with information on the DoD’s proposed budget and procurement plans for the next fiscal year’s UAVs. The poster details information for platforms including Grey Eagle (MQ-1C), Reaper (MQ-9), Global Hawk (RQ-4), Triton/NATO AGS (MQ-4C), Shadow (RQ-7), Raven (RQ-11), Blackjack (RQ-21) and more. Providing program managers, engineers and other technical leaders with an important decision-making tool, the poster includes tables and graphs with some overall numbers of UAV procurement and RTD&E budget totals broken out in useful ways.

This large poster will be distributed to 41,000 COTS Journal subscribers, to be hung on lab and office walls. Engineers and decision makers retain resources like the UAV poster, providing your company with long-term branding and advertising exposure. Unlike other periodic advertising mediums, this reference poster will be seen by the readers of COTS Journal, their colleagues and their bosses for months to come.

Make sure your organization is represented on this key reference tool.

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The UAV Budget and Procurement Poster is distributed to the applicable industry events and the entire print and electronic circulation of COTS Journal, as well as to key industry conferences and is available on www.cotsjournalonline.com.

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  • Ad Row size is 5” x 12.25”
  • Ad Column size is 10.25” x 6”
  • Whole Ad Block size is 10.25” x 12.25”
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