Differential Leads – Directed lead development with guaranteed accuracy.


Focus your sales effort with Differential Leads. 

To focus sales efforts from the universe to those that are relevant, RTC correlates several factors to significantly narrow the prospect field.  Known as Differential Association, the correlation of known information significantly refines our search.

If you take the intersection of many data points, the ability to get an accurate picture of an engineering activity becomes infinity more clear.

An exercise:

  • There are 1,500,000 Engineers in the United States.
  • There are 300,000 Embedded Engineers in the United States
  • Gov has let a contract to a Prime with 30,000 employees.
  • The Prime is doing their Engineering effort at their San Diego location.
  • There are 50 Engineers at that location.
  • 3 are quoted in the media
  • 15 have relevant titles.
  • 24 are Subscribers of COTS Journal
  • 12 have 2nd-degree connections with others in the industry

Upon verification and accuracy checks, 5 to 10 leads are identified.

Examples of client purpose in employing Differential Leads

  1. To track a project –
  2. To aid a salesperson in penetrating an account –
  3. Product Marketing –
  4. To generate a list of prospects for nurturing campaigns –